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That Mysterious “Other” – Tales from Google Consumer Survey

Yes, I'd like to explore this mysterious Other, too...

Yes, I’d like to explore this mysterious Other, too…

Tim Dain is the Executive Director at SIRMLS and one of the most forward-thinking MLS people in the industry today. He’s also a bit of a tech geek and likes to experiment with techie things. Well, he sent me something he did through Google’s new consumer survey service, and I thought it was interesting enough to share. (With permission, of course.)

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The Tiger Over the Hill: Real Estate in the Age of Elance



In 1993, Bill Chee gave the (in)famous “Lion Over the Hill” speech in which he sounded the alarm at tech companies coming in and destroying the MLS. Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, we know either that Lion never came over the hill, because it was far too steep to climb for outsiders, or that Realtors hunted it down in the dark of night and killed it dead. But it might be the most famous speeches by a NAR president ever.

Well, a couple of months ago, I saw that NAR had released a big study on international buyers, saying:

We live in a global marketplace. While all real estate is local, not all property buyers are. A significant share of home purchases are made by people whose primary residence is outside of the U.S. Find out which are the top five countries of origin for foreign buyers of U.S. homes, and how these buyers are using the services of REALTORS®.

Now, I’ve heard this mantra at various real estate conferences for a few years. International is on every big broker’s mind. Look at the RE/MAX S-1 filing, for example, as well as how much Realogy likes to talk about their global footprint, etc., of agents across the world proudly wearing the Coldwell Banker or Century 21 brand. I know KW is eager to expand abroad as well.

I have nothing whatsoever against international expansion, against working with international buyers, and so on. But two recent seemingly unconnected events got me thinking about this.

As NAR says, we live in a global marketplace.

Why are we assuming that this “global marketplace” is limited to properties?

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What’s the Value of Agent-to-Agent Relationships?


REALTOR Love! What’s It Worth?

Heard a story the other night from a friend who is a REALTOR(R), while talking about the hot hot seller’s market we’re in now in many places around the country. (As an aside, doesn’t this mean that early 2013 is not a great time to buy?)

Apparently, she had a house on the market for all of 48 hours before she got 12 offers, 6 of them all-cash. But that’s not the interesting part.

The interesting part is that two of the offers came from buyers represented by agents she didn’t like very much. She called them difficult to work with, and a couple other unsavory descriptions as well.

Now, it so happened that the highest offers were all-cash, from agents she had decent relationships with, so that was that. But it got me wondering….

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Marketing and Seduction: A Valentine’s Day Special

Ah, Valentine’s Day. I’ve always hated this particular “holiday”, whether single, dating, or married. How a religious holiday celebrating a guy who was beaten with clubs and stones before being beheaded for the crime of trying to convert a Roman emperor to Christianity became a day of flowers and candy and male guilt is beyond me. Well, unless the example of St. Valentine is something that men should keep in mind as their fate should they ignore their girlfriends and wives…

In any event, although I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day (or Black Thursday as it was known to my friends back when we were all lonely singles), it does seem like an appropriate day to revisit a topic I first touched on back in 2009 and maybe expand on it.

This is a dangerous line of thinking, by the way, and wholly unproven so you, the reader, is hereby warned not to wander down this path, lest you come across horrible things like original insight or politically incorrect thoughts thereby. But here we go.

Marketing is seduction. Seduction is marketing. What works for you in seduction is probably what would work for you in marketing, and what doesn’t work for you in seduction won’t work for you in marketing.

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7 Can’t Lose Tips for Content Curation


You might be excited to read the rest of this post. After all, 7 “can’t-lose” tips for content curation! If you’re doing paper.li or Pinterest, but not seeing a whole lot of results, you want to know what you have to do to turn those things into faucets of money.

Actually, I don’t have 7 can’t lose tips. I have but one observation:

Titles matter.

You see, on this Black Friday, since I have less than zero desire to be within 5 miles of a shopping mall, I idly clicked on some tweet telling me that “XYZ Real Estate Daily Is Out!” It was one of those “personal newspapers” from paper.li put out by a Realtor.

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