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What’s the Value of Agent-to-Agent Relationships?

Posted By Rob Hahn February 23, 2013, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 11:49 AM

  REALTOR Love! What's It Worth? Heard a story the other night from a friend who is a REALTOR(R), while talking about the hot hot seller's market we're in now in many places around the country. (As an aside, doesn't this mean that early 2013 is not a great time to buy?) Apparently, she had

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They Deserve Better

Posted By Rob Hahn September 11, 2012, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 1:57 AM

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N40ZzXr4THY Above is the video I shared at Xplode San Antonio today, which was part of the Texas Association of REALTORS conference. This wasn't a video we had made available to the public, but after my experience today, and a conversation with one of the attendees,

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From the Annals of Wired Straits: More on Relationships

Posted By Rob Hahn September 16, 2011, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 12:47 AM

Ah, the horse ain't quite dead yet, Matt Dollinger. Nor is the discussion a moot point. I testify, cuz at the September dinner of the Wired Straits Social Club (kinda like a Houston-based Lucky Strikes, which I started in NYC), we discussed this issue at some length. And got something out of

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If Real Estate Is Not a Relationship Business, What Business Is It?

Posted By Rob Hahn September 9, 2011, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 1:43 PM

  Over at Inman Next, Chris Smith stirs the cauldron up with a post entitled, "It Is No Longer A Relationship Business – Here’s Why": Where I disagree is in the stance that I want to have a relationship with my Realtor. I don’t. In fact, I can’t even imagine it. My argument is

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Should Social Media Be Taught to Everyone?

Posted By Rob Hahn March 22, 2011, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 3:21 AM

I was reading some Facebook status updates -- signifying that obviously, I'm not a total social media moron who hates all things social -- when I came across an interesting little comment: The post that Eric Bryant and Maya were talking about is this one by Jeremy Blanton. His conclusion: I

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Have You Seen Me? The Role of the Broker in Contemporary Real Estate

Posted By Rob Hahn March 18, 2011, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 10:46 AM

One of the most insightful set of comments I've ever read on this here blog (remember, I usually learn more from writing this blog than I ever "teach") is to my last post about technology-loving agents. As it happens frequently around these here parts, at the same time I was being enlightened by

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Interesting Perspective on Professional Values

Posted By Rob Hahn May 20, 2010, Filed under: Real Estate@ 11:49 PM

From two eminence grises of the legal world comes this article those of us in the RE.net thinking about raising levels of professionalism in the real estate industry might want to think about.  The money graf: There is, of course, no turning back: Law firms must be run in a businesslike manner.

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