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The NeighborCity Lawsuits: Pyrrhic Victory, Thy Name is Feist

Victory is MINE! D’oh!

I haven’t written in a while, because… well, quite frankly, there hasn’t been much of note to write about. Maybe it’s just the end of the year and everyone’s just busy with holiday parties and such, but… not much has piqued my interest.

But then… I realized I missed out on this story from a couple of weeks ago. This one could be nothing, or it could be something very, very big indeed. Basically, the judge in the MRIS copyright lawsuit against NeighborCity clarified his ruling enjoining NeighborCity from using MLS data on its website. And there is… some interesting language in the ruling. Since it isn’t a formal opinion on the case itself, it may mean absolutely nothing.

Then again, if this case keeps going the way it appears to be headed, there may be um… consequences.

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Time for a Grand Debate? MLS, Syndication, Data Mining

Just how deep does this rabbit hole go?

Something must be in the air. Within a fairly short period of time, I’ve had emails, phone calls, and direct messages about the perils of listing syndication. In the last couple of days, two extremely smart, extremely influential people have written on topics that revolve around the issue of syndication. The first is John Heithaus, the Chief Marketing Officer of MRIS, who wrote Reality Check Ahead: Data Mining and the Implications for Real Estate Professionals. Following up on John’s post is Greg Robertson of VendorAlley, whose post is tantalizing in the title (Syndication Hustle), but somewhat light on actual content. (I’m curious what Greg’s larger point was, and hope he’ll elucidate us.)

Combine with my post on Sami Inkinen of Trulia, and the responses I’ve got from that post, and the whole thing is starting to smell like zeitgeist to me. Something is astir in the mists.

It may be time for a grand debate to settle a few key issues. Since John’s post lays out many of the big picture issues, let us start there.

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Brief Personal Note: MRIS

Last week, a couple of folks were speculating about my employment status.  Apparently, I had taken a job at MRIS as the Director of Marketing, and so on.  As flattered and grateful as I am that people take an interest in my ability to pay income taxes :) I thought it might be time to clarify things a bit.

As I’ve disclosed before, MRIS has been a client of 7DS Associates for some time now.  We have done and continue to work on a number of business projects for them.  One of the assignments I’ve taken on recently is to fill-in as an interim capacity while MRIS searches for a Chief Marketing Officer.  I asked that the mistake about my being the Director of Marketing for MRIS be corrected because MRIS was at that moment trying to recruit a Director of Marketing, and I didn’t want that person thinking that she had been rejected.

I didn’t talk about this because I don’t discuss client matters in public.  Confidentiality is one of our core values at 7DS Associates, along with Competence (we give it our best) and Loyalty (we don’t take on clients where conflict of interest may arise).  We don’t even disclose who our clients are unless (a) they give us permission, (b) they disclose the relationship first, or (c) other ethical considerations mandate that we disclose the relationship.

Something to keep in mind is that Notorious ROB is my personal blog, of my personal opinions.  In some cases, they reflect the position of 7DS Associates, but I simply do not speak for my clients on this blog.  In some cases, our clients agree with my take on things; in other cases, they disagree.  They will vote with their feet if things go too far astray from their own points of view, or if they think our views get in the way of whatever assignment we are working on.

Finally, our client work is between us and the client, and we keep those strictly confidential; only our clients can decide whether they like the work we do for them or not.

I hope that clears up any mystery. :)