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Seven Predictions for 2013: The AKUS Experience

Posted By Rob Hahn January 6, 2013, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Playing Economist, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate, Technology@ 12:10 PM

  The Greatest Band in American Music Once again, it is time for the world famous (in my own mind at least) annual tradition of making predictions for the coming year that are Guaranteed to be Wrong, or Your Money Back! This year, I thought I would pay tribute to the greatest musical act

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Real Estate and the Party Platforms: Not a Party, Y’all

Posted By Rob Hahn September 6, 2012, Filed under: Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 1:40 PM

We gonna party like it's 1999 So the Democratic Party's 2012 Platform is somewhat in the news these days. But that whole kerfuffle reminded me that I hadn't looked through either party's platform to see what they said about real estate, the industry in which I work and cover and opine. Since it's

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Seven Predictions for 2011, With Music Videos!

Posted By Rob Hahn December 22, 2010, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Media, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate, Technology@ 8:04 PM

Coming off of an awesome, Hall-of-Fame type of year in which I batted .600 in predictions (or, alternatively, a year in which I only got 6 out of 10 predictions even remotely close to right, and hence am a big #FAIL), I thought I would don the Nostradamus hat once again and make foolish

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The Opening Salvo of the Housing War: Mortgage Interest Deduction

Posted By Rob Hahn December 1, 2010, Filed under: Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 10:39 PM

NAR has finally gone to the mattresses over Federal policy. Some time ago, I wrote that the mortgage interest deduction may be phased out or limited as part of Obama Administration's new "sustainable housing" policy. At the time, I've heard quite a few people say, "It'll never happen". The

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Like It or Not, You’re All Political Analysts Now

Posted By Rob Hahn September 21, 2010, Filed under: Media, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 5:47 PM

My friend Matt Dollinger recently commented on a post by the longtime real estate expert Steve Harney. Both were commenting on the doom & gloom article from Time Magazine on how homeownership is overrated. Steve Harney rightfully takes Time to task: Again, they are simply arguing a miniscule

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Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Go Bye-Bye?

Posted By Rob Hahn June 11, 2010, Filed under: Real Estate@ 4:32 PM

A while back, I wrote on Inman (subscription required) that the single greatest asset of realtors was political power, and got mixed comments about that position.  Well, the time to find out is upon us: The popular tax break for mortgage interest, once considered untouchable, is falling under

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