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Climategate & You: The Real Estate Edition

Posted By Rob Hahn November 25, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Media, Miscellaneous, Real Estate@ 12:52 PM

If you live in the United States, and rely solely on Pravda New York Times or similar for your news, you're probably unaware of Climategate.  Basically, the entire premise of the global warming/carbon footprint craze of the past few years turns out to be totally bogus.  From the

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The Green Premium in NYC Rental Market Heads Towards Zero

Posted By Rob Hahn April 22, 2009, Filed under: Real Estate@ 11:59 AM

A really fun discussion on Twitter with Robin Greenbaum (@cobrokenation) led me to just do a very quick, very back-of-napkin, and likely very inaccurate comparison between two rental units.  As Robin pointed out, since comparisons are very difficult, depends on many factors, and the like, no

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Thoughts On Green Real Estate (Report from the 2009 YAREA Conference)

Posted By Rob Hahn April 7, 2009, Filed under: Real Estate@ 12:39 AM

So it turns out that in addition to ruling the world from the Skull & Bones tomb, Yalies also get involved in real estate from time to time.  There's even a group called Yale Alumni Real Estate Association (YAREA, pronounced Y-Area) that just held its annual conference.  I was invited,

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