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In Which I Welcome the WSJ to 2011

Posted By Rob Hahn September 23, 2014, Filed under: Playing Economist, Real Estate@ 5:54 PM

The header image at http://deansdale.wordpress.com/ Longtime readers of this blog know that I've been talking about Millennials for years now. Back in April of 2011, I wrote a post worrying about Millennials and family formation: Given the above facts and data, how do you see the Millennials

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Market Opportunity Alert: Maxim Realty

Posted By Rob Hahn January 14, 2013, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 2:15 AM

Gratuitous? Probably. Maxim, of course, is the lad magazine that pioneered the space between GQ, Esquire, and such "gentleman's periodicals" and Playboy and those magazines wrapped in black plastic on the shelves. I've always thought of it as Cosmopolitan for men. When people talk about

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Real Estate Hope and Change for the Hope and Change Generation

Posted By Rob Hahn July 19, 2012, Filed under: Playing Economist, Real Estate@ 5:09 AM

My friend Eric Stegemann, a Millennial himself, tweeted out the following article from BusinessWeek talking about the "Lost Generation" of Homeowners: For some analysts, the scariest outcome of the collapsed home-price bubble is that it could turn an entire generation of would-be homeowners into

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Three Questions on the NAR/Bipartisan Policy Center Paper

Posted By Rob Hahn March 17, 2012, Filed under: Management, Media, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 2:00 AM

The Bipartisan Policy Center -- a think tank based in Washington DC once described as the place "where moderate Republicans go to embrace their inner liberal" -- has released a new study in conjunction with NAR, the Urban Institute, and USC that is worth reading in full if you're interested in

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Millenials and Family Formation

Posted By Rob Hahn April 10, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Real Estate@ 7:20 PM

Travis Robertson is one of my new friends from RETech South. He's one of the brightest, most thoughtful young men I've met in recent years, and I think the world of him. And of course, when I can debate significant issues with intelligent people I genuinely like, that's pretty close to nirvana for

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