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This is a new feature that I’m experimenting with, but I have a feeling that experiment will probably stick. Why?

Well, I started Notorious R.O.B. to be my personal blog.¬†And it still is, for the most part. As the Surgeon General Warning on the side says. But over time, it’s become something a bit more than that as well. I don’t think the 30K or so unique visitors and 500 subscribers to the email updates want to hear about why I think the Glock 19 is my favorite pistol. No, most of you come here and read because I’ve got things to say about the real estate industry, about marketing, about technology, about policy, management, demographics, and all of that.

Turns out, there are times when I really get into a topic. It’s not a half-hour blogpost, but something that requires real work, some real heavy lifting. (Ever read proposed government regulations? Annual reports of public companies?) I’m proud of that work, and the result that it produces, because I think that’s stuff that would and should guide business strategy and tactics for companies and individuals in our lovely tormented industry.

I figure, if this stuff is valuable, then somebody’s gotta show me the money. It’s the ultimate expression of value, as real estate agents know so well: you can think your house is worth whatever you want, but its real value is what someone is willing to pay for it.

So, go forth, check out the Premium Content, fill your shopping cart, stimulate the economy…