A major initiative of 7DS Associates, the consulting firm I run with Sunny, is to help transform the real estate brokerage. We think what exists today is deeply broken, and a renaissance is required. I have gathered all of the relevant Black Papers and [FREB]-tagged posts here for easy one-stop access.

Thanks for checking it out, and please let me know if you’d like to chat about the future of the industry.

Black Papers

Posts on Future of Real Estate Brokerage

`{`FREB`}` Posts

Can We Talk About HomeServices for a Minute?

I know, I know. We have talked a ton about Redfin and Realogy and Keller Williams in these pages the past couple of months....

Method to the Madness: Thoughts on the Redfin 2017 Earnings Call

One of my recurring dreams is that some kind of IPO fever sweeps real estate, and dozens of brokerages go public. I want to...

[FREB] Cut the Crap With Two Numbers

Sunny and I got into a discussion earlier today over breakfast. Yeah, we do that in the Hahn household. Yeah, we're real estate nerds....

The Keller Williams Vision Speech: Followup and Further Thoughts

Yesterday's post on the keynote Vision speech by Josh Team and Gary Keller at this year's Family Reunion generated... ah... let's call it "a...

[FREB] On Culture: Show Me the Money!!!!

Over at Inman, Bernice Ross pens a column refuting the idea that traditional brokerages are dying a slow death. It's worth reading in full...

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