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Free Consulting to NAR and Move


Why yes, I made $1.3 billion on Realogy… You want to do what now, NAR?

The Notorious B.O.B.’s series of posts on Move “giving back” to NAR (one here, one on his blog) plus a Facebook conversation got me thinking. Which results in free consulting advice. Worth exactly what you paid for it, of course.

NAR should take Move private and buy it outright.

It eliminates a lot of problems, while of course, creating some new problems. Hey, that’s life. Let’s get into it.

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What L’Affaire d’Errol et Curt Means: Brief Thoughts


I’m really, really, really slammed with work so this won’t be as in-depth and searching as I’d like, but I do think it’s important to put down these semi-brief thoughts, so I can figure out what I think about what Zillow’s recent personnel moves means.

Let me not bury the lede. L’Affaire d’Errol et Curt means that Zillow has written off organized real estate as a significant player in the future of the real estate industry.

I have no special insights, haven’t spoken to anyone from Zillow, and I seriously doubt they would agree with such a strong conclusion. But that’s what my tea leaves are saying to me. Commence calling me crazy at your leisure.

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Ease Up On the Glamor Shots…


A static screenshot just doesn’t do it justice. Go visit the site.

First, the positive, because I do so love accentuating the positives when I see them. For whatever reason, I’m more fascinated by problems and issues and doomporn and such, but it’s so nice to see real estate people doing really cool shit.

The example here is Real Living, based in DC. The co-founder and co-CEO, Darrin Friedman, has created one of the — if not THE — coolest real estate brokerage website I’ve ever seen. Check it out here:

Seriously a great job, Darrin!

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In Which I Speak to Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move, Inc.

Steve Berkowitz, CEO, Move, Inc.

It’s now been a couple of days, and Errol Samuelson’s defection from to Zillow remains the top story in the world of real estate. I posted two questions about the move yesterday (and had one answered very quickly), and reached out to both Errol and to Move for comments.

As of this writing, I haven’t heard from Errol, but I did manage to speak with Steve Berkowitz, the CEO of Move, and Errol’s immediate boss until earlier this week. I didn’t record the conversation, so I’m going from memory and my notes here.

Bottom line: If Berkowitz knew the answer to my first question — why no notice? — then he put on an Academy Award worthy performance. I think he was still very much in shock at what happened. Furthermore, this event injects an element of animosity into a business rivalry that may have far reaching consequences for everyone involved.

Without further ado…

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Two Questions on Errol Samuelson’s Dramatic Move


I had this long amazing post about the future of the MLS in the works… when Godzilla came onshore, thereby obliterating the real estate industry news cycle. Errol Samuelson, Chief Strategy Officer of Move and President of, is now the new Chief Industry Development Officer at Zillow.

The whole industry is abuzz, and our very own Notorious B.O.B. with his unique insight into that role at Zillow has already posted an excellent read on the overall topic. I’m still trying to gather some information, so this one will be brief and be limited to two questions. Because no matter how much I chew on this thing in my head, these two things just won’t go away, and can’t be answered.

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