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The Mundane Magic of the Church Choir

Posted By Rob Hahn April 24, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Personal@ 2:57 PM

I just went to Easter services -- the one worship service I make a point of not missing, even though I'm a terrible, terrible Christian in so many ways -- at a local church here in Houston. Given that we haven't yet found a home church, which likely will need to wait until we find a, y'know, a

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Millenials and Real Estate, Part 2: Leading vs. Managing

Posted By Rob Hahn April 18, 2011, Filed under: Management, Miscellaneous, Real Estate@ 12:29 PM

In my first blog conversation post, I wrote about Millenial family formation. That was fun stuff, and Travis Robertson, my dialogue partner, has posted his response. Go check it out; it's worth a read, and the discussion is fun. But I thought I'd move onto some of the real meat. Travis claims in

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Millenials and Family Formation

Posted By Rob Hahn April 10, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Real Estate@ 7:20 PM

Travis Robertson is one of my new friends from RETech South. He's one of the brightest, most thoughtful young men I've met in recent years, and I think the world of him. And of course, when I can debate significant issues with intelligent people I genuinely like, that's pretty close to nirvana for

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Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti

Posted By Rob Hahn February 19, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 5:43 PM

I don't often do book reviews on Notorious, although I do read quite a few of them, but when the author is a man I respect, a good friend in bad times, and an all around great guy, and his publisher sends me a review copy... well, the least I could do is give my impressions of the book. The book,

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Quick Reminder: This Is My Personal Site

Posted By Rob Hahn February 8, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 2:45 PM

I posted about this change last year, but I think it bears repeating once again. I've made some editorial changes to convert Notorious into much more of my personal site, and do more of my industry-related writing on my company blog. So those of you who are subscribed to Notorious via email or RSS

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We Might Need to Bring Back Civics Education

Posted By Rob Hahn February 2, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Politics & Regulation@ 2:08 AM

Apparently, some legislators in South Dakota are pulling a political stunt by introducing a bill to require that all adults buy a gun upon turning 21. I say it's a political stunt because the whole point of the exercise apparently is to say that Obamacare is unconstitutional, just like a an

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Four Random Reflections on Moving

Posted By Rob Hahn January 24, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Real Estate@ 4:19 AM

So tomorrow is going to be my last day in New Jersey as a resident, unless something really dramatic happens and I get incarcerated here. I have a bunch of random, somewhat conflicted, thoughts going on and figured I'd share four of them here with you. This got long, partly because I've gone

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A Quick Personal Announcement & Shameless Plug

Posted By Rob Hahn January 11, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 11:27 AM

Just wanted to make a quick personal announcement coupled to a shameless plug. I have decided to take on a great little company as a 7DS Incubator client, but go well beyond the norm for such an engagement, because I believe this company has the potential to bring about real change to the

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Doom-mongering, With Sandwichs!

Posted By Rob Hahn January 5, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 3:49 PM

If anyone is attending the Inman conference in NYC next week, and have no plans for lunch on Wednesday the 12th, consider joining me, Mark Boyland, and others for a fun-filled (okay, maybe not, given the topic) informal lunch-a-ma-thingamajig. I figure we'll go from around noon till about 1:45pm

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Would Like Your Thoughts on A Couple of 7DS Posts

Posted By Rob Hahn January 4, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 8:40 PM

Since not everyone who reads Notorious checks out my blogging on 7DS... I'd really like your thoughts on my last two posts. They're scaring the crap out of me, and I'd love to get any counter-arguments or counter-evidence. Here they are: Title Issues in Foreclosuregate Foreclosuregate and

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