My prom picture?

My prom picture? Maybe?

I hate writing these. But I’ve noticed that people like to click on the About pages, so I should say something about myself.

I got started down this path because of a girl. (All great achievements in history, by men at least, probably could start with that exact sentence.) I was a poor starving college student at Yale, and met this young woman from Stanford. Long distance phone calls were swiftly draining my bank account of beer and pizza money, and letters took too long to get delivered. They took too long to get written too, now that I think about it.

A CompSci roommate tipped me off to this thing called “electronic mail” that I could use to send messages to people at any college in the U.S. Of course, I had to go to the computer labs, and learn UNIX… which isn’t really a core requirement for a degree in Philosophy… but such is the power of love lust that I did exactly that.

The relationship did not last, but I got hooked on this new Internet-thing, especially USENET Newsgroups and IRC. And because I taught myself UNIX and knew how to work with things like vi and emacs, I got a job as a sysadmin (yeah, with a Philosophy degree) at a quantitative hedge fund in NYC. While there, I beta tested some new thing that a friend of one of our resident geniuses (quant funds don’t have bankers; they have physicists and mathematicians) had developed called HyperText Markup Language. Or HTML.


Definitely not me. Nor do our bank accounts resemble each other.

Two doors down from me was this guy Jeff Bezos, who also beta-tested HTML.

I used HTML to create our company phone book. Jeff did some other things with it instead. I hear they worked out pretty well for him.

Make an entirely too long story much shorter, I’ve been a reasonably successful entrepreneur, lawyer, advisor, marketer, business planner, championship card player, glamorous Hollywood guy, and fashion consultant. Along the way, I fell into doing interactive marketing for real estate at Realogy, and find the real estate industry to be a fantastic anachronism as it comes to technology and marketing. But there’s so much promise, and I can see change for the better coming, and right soon.

This is my personal blog, which I started in order to opine about various topics in marketing, technology and real estate and generally make a nuisance of myself.  My “day job” — by which I mean the thing I do more like 16 hours a day from morning till late at night — is to be the founder and managing partner of 7DS Associates, a boutique management consulting firm specializing in corporate strategy, product management, and strategic marketing for real estate and related industries.

Don’t make me put up an actual legal disclaimer boilerplate, thanks.

Instead, let’s just converse.

I can be contacted via Email at rhahn@7dsassociates.com or via Twitter at robhahn.


  • Guy Hays

    You have some good insights on the commercial real estate industry and the brewing war between the two online commercial real estate information providers.

    Can’t say more. Free speach is dead in America for those that take on Coorporate America. Companies seem to have more rights than single citizens. You do not have those constraints as yet so please keep it up while you can; however, be careful.

  • http://robhahn.wordpress.com -Rob

    As it happens, there’s a lot more I know that I can’t and won’t write. :) But I don’t think free speech is dead, FWIW. It’s just that freedom was never free.

    Thanks for your words, Guy.


  • http://www.zillow.com Spencer Rascoff

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog via email rather than RSS?

    Please email me at spencer AT zillow dot com

    thank you

  • http://robhahn.wordpress.com -Rob

    Unfortunately, no — RSS is the only feed available at the moment. Sorry Spencer. But you should try Google Reader — it’s easy and free and much better than email. :)


  • http://blogfiesta.mariah.com Todd Carpenter

    Rob, I would like to interview you for my Fiesta blog. Details are here


    Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

  • http://www.matthewferrara.com mfseminars

    HI Rob:

    Hope all is well; nice to see you landed at OnBoard.

    Check out what we’re brewing at our site/blog http://mfseminars.wordpress.com

    It’s still rough but it you might enjoy.

    – Matthew Ferrara

  • http://www.thebeliever.se Magnus

    I’m delighted to find blog posts about CoStar, Loopnet and so on!

    Found you blog a while ago but have missed that you also where covering the commercial part of the industry. Great news.

    Looking forward to all your upcoming posts.


  • http://robhahn.wordpress.com -Rob

    Thanks Magnus!

    Commercial Real Estate is my first love, to be honest. Talk about a schizophrenic industry where high finance meets low technology. :)


  • Guy Hays

    What’s you opinion about REIS’s latest move? I hope they do not get scooped up.

  • http://robhahn.wordpress.com -Rob

    @Guy –

    If you’re talking about the CoStar bid for REIS… I’ll have to do a post on that. :) This is hardly the place for that fun discussion, heh.


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  • Anon

    Rob, Please provide a private way to contact you (like email).

  • http://robhahn.wordpress.com -Rob

    @Anon – hrm… I suppose I should… Okay, updating About.


  • brandieyoung

    Hi Rob,

    Ok, this is getting strange … first, I get to know you better (online) via the Gary V thing. Then, I read about you – you’re a marketer, me too. Reology – know folks at Apollo, and Relogy companies. We’re both in RE related fields – AND, the gig I just left is a client of being with Onboard.

    That’s it! I officially have a Twitter crush on you!

    p.s. do you get free stuff from Amazon?

  • http://www.sacriliciousmarketing.com Mary McKnight

    Wow, I’m actually kicking myself for not reading this sooner. Entertaining Ivy League awesomeness that tries to avoid pompous with a splash of wit and a dash of self deprecation. Well done. I guess, Yale teaches something after all. Plus you forgot to mention how dashing, debonaire and embarrassingly good looking you are.

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  • http://www.zillow.com Sara Bonert

    Bezos…that name rings a bell.

    Ha, this was a great read, had no idea all of the things with which you have been involved. I look forward to hearing why “glamorous Hollywood guy, and fashion consultant” are on the list the next time I see you!

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