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Grading Time! Reviewing My 2012 Predictions

The first Triple Crown Winner in 45 years… and he bat .330

Welcome to another edition of an annual tradition, in which I go back and grade myself on my predictions made at the start of this year. My track record so far:

  • 2010 Predictions: 6 of 10 (.600)
  • 2011 Predictions: 4.5 of 7 (.642)

As was the case last year, I’m hoping to be wrong more often than not, because my 2012 Predictions, written on January 2, 2012, were kind of on the doomy and gloomy side of things. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Cluetrain, Derailed: Double Consciousness of the Social Age

For the past several years, I’ve been an alumnus interviewer for my alma mater, Yale University. Yale has a program like many other schools where people who have actually been there spend time with an applicant to try to determine not their academic credentials or their track record of achievements, but simply what he or she is like as a person, and how well he or she would fit into the campus environment.

In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed something really odd. Keep in mind that because I’m interviewing for Yale, the 17 and 18 year olds I’m talking to are among the brightest and best the country has to offer. Every single young woman and young man is incredibly smart, extremely motivated, accomplished beyond their years (one young woman had played at Carnegie Hall and had a classical record deal), and extraordinary in their composure and behavior. As a parent, I could only imagine the pride their parents must feel in these well-behaved, brilliant children.

But… in speaking to one after another, I came away thinking that these kids must have zero free time. Since I don’t have their transcript and don’t know what their SAT’s are, or anything like it, all I want to know is what these kids do for fun. They all, every single one in the past few years, do the exact same things for fun: hang out with friends, read, play music, sports…. They all go to films, not movies, telling me how much they enjoy independent cinema, or foreign films, or classic Hollywood films. And these are 17 year old boys and girls.

I’m left wondering, what, you don’t play video games? You don’t go on dates? Even though you’re 17, you don’t like going to the mall with your girlfriends to flirt with boys? No party at a friend’s house when the parents are out of town?

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The NeighborCity Lawsuits: Pyrrhic Victory, Thy Name is Feist

Victory is MINE! D’oh!

I haven’t written in a while, because… well, quite frankly, there hasn’t been much of note to write about. Maybe it’s just the end of the year and everyone’s just busy with holiday parties and such, but… not much has piqued my interest.

But then… I realized I missed out on this story from a couple of weeks ago. This one could be nothing, or it could be something very, very big indeed. Basically, the judge in the MRIS copyright lawsuit against NeighborCity clarified his ruling enjoining NeighborCity from using MLS data on its website. And there is… some interesting language in the ruling. Since it isn’t a formal opinion on the case itself, it may mean absolutely nothing.

Then again, if this case keeps going the way it appears to be headed, there may be um… consequences.

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