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7 Can’t Lose Tips for Content Curation

Posted By Rob Hahn November 23, 2012, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 3:54 PM

  You might be excited to read the rest of this post. After all, 7 "can't-lose" tips for content curation! If you're doing or Pinterest, but not seeing a whole lot of results, you want to know what you have to do to turn those things into faucets of money. Actually, I don't have 7

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Something’s Not Adding Up Here… Housing Is Back, But FHA Needs a Bailout?

Posted By Rob Hahn November 16, 2012, Filed under: Playing Economist, Real Estate@ 8:49 AM

Housing is back! So says the media and Lawrence Yun of NAR. 872,000 new housing starts in September. Prices are up some 11.7% in September. And Lawrence Yun is projecting 15% increase in home values over the next three years. So... what the hell is going on over at the FHA? The Federal Housing

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Where Are The Gen-Y REALTORS?

Posted By Rob Hahn November 15, 2012, Filed under: Real Estate@ 2:55 PM

There's a fascinating, if opaque, puff piece on the Gen-Y (or Millennials) over at HLN extensively quoting Nick Shore of MTV Insights, the market research and consulting arm of MTV. Money grafs: What we found was counter to the often-charged caricature of today’s youth as “entitled” and

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Concerning the Brazilian Virginity Auctioneer, A Few Thoughts

Posted By Rob Hahn November 3, 2012, Filed under: Personal@ 4:36 PM

  This would be a good time to remind you all that this is my personal blog, and not a real estate blog. Since this has nothing whatsoever to do with real estate, please skip it if you're one of my readers who are only into real estate stuff.

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