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Description is Not Prescription: A Response to Brian Larson on IDX

Posted By Rob Hahn May 31, 2012, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 2:31 PM

  One of the guys I respect most in this business -- indeed, one of the guys I learned the most from just by reading his excellent blog, MLS Tesseract -- is Brian Larson of Larson, Sobotka. Brian was a key player in the creating of IDX back in the late 90's and probably has forgotten more

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In Which I Solve the Syndication Problem, Once And For All

Posted By Rob Hahn May 30, 2012, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 4:08 PM

  Let's suppose that you're some graduate student at Beijing University and you want to write a paper on the major issues confronting the American real estate industry. So you start googling and going to blogs (like this one maybe) and open groups on Facebook and whatnot to find out what

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Austin’s IDX Kerfuffle and Antitrust Issues

Posted By Rob Hahn May 25, 2012, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate, Technology@ 9:06 AM

So that whole Austin IDX kerfuffle is back in the news again, courtesy of Inman: A contingent of Austin Realtors say listing agents should be clearly identified when brokers and agents publicize each other's listings on their websites. With two of the city's prominent luxury brokers leading the

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An Interview with Matt Dollinger, Head of Industry Relations, Trulia

Posted By Rob Hahn May 24, 2012, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Real Estate@ 8:49 AM

As many of my readers know, Matthew Dollinger is one of my closest friends in the industry. Some folks, including Matt's wife, have called our relationship a full-blown bromance. (It's the hair, really....) But fact is, Matt has been one of the driving forces behind the innovations at @Properties

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The REALTOR Rally and the Desperate Need For A New Political Action Paradigm

Posted By Rob Hahn May 18, 2012, Filed under: Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 1:20 PM

This is a tough post to write. I'm actually debating for the first time while typing this into the little WordPress window whether I would actually hit "Publish" at the end of it. If you're reading this, it means that I've overcome whatever hesitation I've had, but I want you to understand how

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Don’t Let The Loss Fool You; Realogy Is Getting Healthy

Posted By Rob Hahn May 10, 2012, Filed under: Management, Playing Economist, Real Estate@ 1:46 PM

Last year, I wrote that Realogy's numbers looked pretty good to me, despite the fact that Realogy had lost $237m in Q1 of 2011. I figured I might as well dip back into that water since I'm interested in my old corporate home (I started my real estate career at Coldwell Banker Commercial), and

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On the Open Source MLS

Posted By Rob Hahn May 8, 2012, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 12:19 PM

Jeff Corbett, my good friend and former partner at 7DS Associates, recently penned a fantastic call to arms at the RETSO blog in which he got into some depth about the concept of an Open Source MLS: As a self described ‘Agent of Change’ around the real estate and mortgage space, I’ve sat in

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A Government Looking to Elect A New People: A Response to Bill Lublin on the Future of NAR

Posted By Rob Hahn May 3, 2012, Filed under: Management, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 2:46 AM

  A few weeks back, Bill Lublin and I engaged in a spirited debate about the future of the Association, stemming from this post of mine from March. Bill's initial response is here. Well, my post then became the basis for my presentation at RETSO, which gave me impetus to expand on the

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