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NAR, Meet NRA… Guns and REALTORS

Over on Agent Genius, there’s a post about some study done as a marketing tool by Moby (the “let people know where you are” app) with REALTORS in mind. Apparently, September is “REALTOR Safety Month” at NAR, and the good folks there have put together a bunch of materials for y’all.

Now, the study apparently showed (I say apparently because I’m not putting my name/email in to download the said study, thereby ending up in their CRM software) that 1 in 4 men REALTORS carried a knife or a gun with them while “on the job”, while only 7% or so of women REALTORS did so. Lani Rosales, the Editor-in-Chief of AgentGenius, writes:

The above chart outlines Canadian and American answers and although we knew a small portion of real estate professionals would indicate carrying a gun, especially those practicing in the foreclosure or short sale markets, but despite a massive disparity between men and women regarding carrying a gun or knife on the job, it is extremely intriguing that one in four male Realtors indicate they carry a knife or gun while on the job. One in four women carry some form of pepper spray while only five percent of male Realtors do.

The major differences between the behaviors between male Realtors and female Realtors is highly intriguing, but it is most interesting that such a high number of men carry either a knife or gun while they are on the job.

I’m not sure what Lani finds interesting about the difference, but what I find interesting — nay, disturbing and of great concern — is the fact that only 5% of women REALTORS carry a gun while working. If anyone should go about with a concealed firearm while working, it is the female REALTOR.

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Quick: The Prezi From My NRG/HAR Talk Today

Is here:

By the way, I’m really, really liking Prezi. I expect to use it from now on for all presentations. Amazing that a web app is better than even Keynote….


Moore’s Law and Real Estate: Speculations

A 1982 Osborne Executive next to a 2007 iPhone

I’m giving a presentation tomorrow at the Nextgen Realtor Group of the Houston Association of REALTORS. I do believe the actual title of my presentation, as in the program itself, is called Welcome to Dystopia. Somehow, it seems, I’ve become the Cassandra of the real estate industry. But in researching for the presentation, I ran across something that I wanted to think about more. And since writing blogposts is one of my primary ways to think about things… here it goes.

Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors one can fit on an integrated circuit board doubles every two years. (Originally, it was doubling every year, then every 18 months, and these days, the accepted ratio seems to be double every two years.) This principle is taken more or less as gospel within the computer hardware industry, and of course, the computer software industry designs its programs with Moore’s Law in mind. You write code that can barely function on today’s machines, and by the time you finish all the QA testing and roll it out, computers have gotten faster and more powerful.

So a ‘shorthand’ expression of Moore’s Law is that computing power doubles every two years.

Okay, you’re thinking… so what? We knew that. Duh!

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Even the LA Times Notices Millenials Are Screwed

How's that hopey-changey stuff working out for ya?

One of my pet hobby topics is to fret about the Millenials (the twentysomethings of today). I’ve written about this “largest demographic group like evah” here, here, and here — as well as peppered throughout this blog for a while now. A lot of people — especially in real estate — like to point to the older reaches of the Millenials (the young 30somethings) and think that they are the future of the industry.

Well, to be sure, from pure demographics standpoint, the Millenials do point to the future of the industry. But you should worry about that. A lot. My opinion about the Millenials is that they are the most Screwed Generation in American history who have had their initiative beaten out of them by overprotective parents, teachers and “safety” bureaucrats; their future mortgaged by irresponsible politicians of both parties with full-throated support by the Boomer Generation; their expectations of what is a good life totally unmoored from reality by Hollywood; their options foreclosed by a college-industrial complex that burdened them with absolutely unsustainable student debt (that is not dischargeable in bankruptcy); and of course, they screwed themselves with their attitude of entitlement and superiority complex based on nothing more than the fact that they know how to text message real fast and post pictures to Facebook.

It appears that even the dinosaurs over at the LA Times have noticed that the Hopeychange Generation is actually the Totally-Screwed Generation:

Call it Generation Vexed — young Americans who are downsizing expectations in the face of an economic future that is anything but certain. Career plans are being altered, marriages put off and dreams shelved.

Welcome to the real world, LA Times. Jump right in, the water is freezing.

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I just got confirmation that CRMLS will merge with SOCAL MLS, forming the largest MLS in the country. I’m waiting for the press release now. [Full disclosure: CRMLS was a client of 7DS Associates.]

EDIT: The press release is out. It’s here.

Word is that the combined entity — which will operate under the CRMLS (California Regional MLS) and with Art Carter as the CEO — will have some 68,000 subscribers, dwarfing the current largest MLS (MRIS) by over 50%. MRIS has roughly 40,000 subscribers in the Mid-Atlantic area.

I’ll post more once I’ve read the press release and looked into this more. But top of mind thoughts/impressions:

This is quite obviously the start of a major new regional MLS in the largest real estate market in the country: California. It could be a game-changer in the MLS landscape.

The other smaller MLS’s in the southern California market have got to be thinking about what this means. Either join the parade, or possibly get steamrolled. Northern California — which boasts a couple of very large MLS’s as well — should be taking a very hard look indeed at consolidation.

And M&A within this space is a very difficult task, given all of the politics involved. Major achievement by the teams, the various Boards, and the Associations involved. Kudos to all!