Monthly Archives: June 2011

Back to Basics: A Conversation With Mrs. Notorious

Posted By Rob Hahn June 20, 2011, Filed under: Management, Marketing@ 12:00 PM

One advantage of long road trips, particularly with say... one's spouse, is the opportunity to talk without interruption. The car moving down the highway at 75 65 miles per hour (or whatever the legal speed limit is, officer) becomes a sort of isolation chamber without TV, without the kids

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Are Foreign Buyers the Only Healthy Sector of Real Estate Buyers?

Posted By Rob Hahn June 8, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 10:49 AM

  I'm in court all this week, so blogging can't help but be light. But I did want to pass on an interesting conversation I had last night with a friend who is a Wall Street guy and a sharp reader of the economic scene. I asked him whether inflation expectations were influencing people with

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The First Ever Notorious Podcast, with Matthew Shadbolt: On Content

Posted By Rob Hahn June 4, 2011, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 6:26 AM

This was such a fun thing to do. Matthew Shadbolt of Corcoran (@corcoran_group) and I did this podcast earlier today about all of the recent content-related conversation. We ramble on, but hopefully there's something at least somewhat interesting in here. Let us know what you think. Should we do

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