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Be Wary of the False Spring in Real Estate

Posted By 7DS March 27, 2011, Filed under: 7DS@ 11:16 PM

Real estate people are some of the most optimistic people I know. They have to be in order to work a business in which they don't make a penny without a transaction getting done, and the driving motivation for the consumer is a dream: The American Dream, the Dream of Homeownership, Your Dream

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This Way Lies Victory: Fixing NAR’s Political Survival Initiative

Posted By 7DS March 24, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 6:22 PM

Since I broke the news of the new NAR REALTOR Party Political Survival Initiative ("#RPPSI" hereafter, as that is the Twitter hashtag as well) on Tuesday, the response has been really quite interesting and overwhelming. Various people have written blogposts on the subject. As of this writing, I

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Mortgage Litigation on the Rise

Posted By 7DS March 24, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 10:04 AM

I've been writing about the mess that is Foreclosuregate on this blog, on Notorious, and on AOL Real Estate. And something I worried about (yet predicted, hoping to be wrong) was that we'd see significant lawsuits against banks, servicers, and MBS sponsors brought by homeowners and

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Should Social Media Be Taught to Everyone?

Posted By Rob Hahn March 22, 2011, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 3:21 AM

I was reading some Facebook status updates -- signifying that obviously, I'm not a total social media moron who hates all things social -- when I came across an interesting little comment: The post that Eric Bryant and Maya were talking about is this one by Jeremy Blanton. His conclusion: I

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BREAKING: NAR Launches a Political Party, Risks Its Future

Posted By 7DS March 20, 2011, Filed under: 7DS@ 3:37 PM

At the 2011 Association Executives Institute meeting in Dallas, NAR has put forth a bold if risky plan it is actually calling the "Political Survival Initiative". In short, NAR will launch a "REALTOR Party" that will go beyond simple issue advocacy to full-blown political support for individual

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Have You Seen Me? The Role of the Broker in Contemporary Real Estate

Posted By Rob Hahn March 18, 2011, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 10:46 AM

One of the most insightful set of comments I've ever read on this here blog (remember, I usually learn more from writing this blog than I ever "teach") is to my last post about technology-loving agents. As it happens frequently around these here parts, at the same time I was being enlightened by

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What’s up with REALTORS Who Love Tech?

Posted By Rob Hahn March 16, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate, Technology@ 1:28 PM

I forgot an angle on this post about agent ratings and consumers that's more in line with the light and snappy flow of this blog. As the NAR survey, flawed as it might be, shows, consumers overwhelmingly want these skills/qualities in a REALTOR: Honesty and Integrity - 98% Knowledge of purchase

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Agent Ratings Must Be Done by Other Agents

Posted By 7DS March 15, 2011, Filed under: 7DS@ 4:13 PM

Agent Ratings is in the news again. MLSListings, based on Sunnyvale, California, has announced that it will launch a pilot REALTOR ratings program with the California Association of REALTORS. But it appears that the MLSListings program isn't what HAR attempted to do a while back, where consumers

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Guide to Surviving Feral Internet Mobs

Posted By Rob Hahn March 13, 2011, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 1:51 PM

In my continuing quest to get something positive out of Zebragate, I would like to offer some tips on how you could survive attacks by the feral Internet attack mobs who dare post hurtful things on blogs and Facebook and such. Some of the things that The Lones Group has done in response to the

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Turns Out, Smart Money Does Know Things

Posted By Rob Hahn March 10, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 10:31 AM

On my 7DS blog, and on AOL, I wrote about the phenomenon of super-rich people paying cash for expensive ($5m plus) homes in California. And I wondered what it is that they knew that the rest of us didn't. Here's the post on 7DS, and here's the one on AOL. Well, turns out, the rich do know things

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