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Strategy And Conflict: In re Gahlord

Posted By Rob Hahn February 27, 2011, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 9:36 PM

So Gahlord Dewald, seriously one of the big brains in the real estate industry, puts up a thought-provoking post on strategy. It's worth reading in full. But I got obsessed with his definition of strategy, especially since I just wrote a post on strategy. Funny how things seem to come in bunches.

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A Thought on Strategy

Posted By Rob Hahn February 25, 2011, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 11:34 AM

I spoke recently with a friend of mine about the nature of strategy. Actually, it was about football, but somehow led into strategy, and I thought it was interesting enough to share. Most people use the word "strategy" incorrectly. They think any sort of plan means "strategy". As in, "What's our

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So Who Will Be Exiting Real Estate?

Posted By 7DS February 22, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 10:00 AM

Following up on my post on NAR 800K, I found this article on Inman News about a survey it conducted of its readers (subscription required). Apparently, most of the respondents agree with yours truly in thinking that at least another 20% of agents need to exit the industry before we can have

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I’ve Been Busy, Elsewhere, Y’All

Posted By Rob Hahn February 21, 2011, Filed under: Personal@ 11:10 AM

Just in case you're only reading Notorious through email, and haven't updated your subscriptions after I've changed some of the editorial approach... I've been writing quite a bit on real estate related issues over at the 7DS blog, and AOL Real Estate. You might want to check at least a couple of

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Little More on NAR 800K

Posted By 7DS February 20, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 4:41 PM

A while back, over on Notorious, I speculated that the number of real estate agents would drop further. Since the best measure of the number of real estate agents is the membership of NAR, I thought we're headed to about 800,000 members of NAR from the around 1.2 million number we've heard

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Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti

Posted By Rob Hahn February 19, 2011, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 5:43 PM

I don't often do book reviews on Notorious, although I do read quite a few of them, but when the author is a man I respect, a good friend in bad times, and an all around great guy, and his publisher sends me a review copy... well, the least I could do is give my impressions of the book. The book,

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On Syndication: Is A MLS A Data Repository, or An Exchange?

Posted By 7DS February 18, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 8:36 AM

A current discussion within the MLS and tech vendor industry is around the issue of listing syndication. This post by Brian Larson, and the discussions therein, is a pretty good summation of the thinking on the part of MLS executives, vendors, and consultants. As Victor Lund of the WAV Group, a

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Wait Just One Minute… Did NAR Just Concede Its Data Sucks?

Posted By 7DS February 16, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 6:37 PM

So CoreLogic releases a report in which it claims that NAR's widely used Existing Home Sales stats are total garbage: CoreLogic reported sales totaled only 3.6 million in 2010, down 12 percent from 2009. By comparison, NAR reported sales fell only 5 percent in 2010 after rising in 2009, and were

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Updating the Renter Nation Prediction

Posted By Rob Hahn February 16, 2011, Filed under: Real Estate@ 10:39 AM

The Wall Street Journal carried a story today on its front page entitled, "Banks Push Home Buyers to Put Down More Cash". The key paragraph: The median down payment in nine major U.S. cities rose to 22% last year on properties purchased through conventional mortgages, according to an analysis for

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What’s the Grade Level Required To Read Your Blog?

Posted By Rob Hahn February 15, 2011, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 3:27 AM

Once in a while, the Internet has gems in it that I find absolutely amazing, and tonight, I found one of them: online readability tests. I hadn't ever given the topic much thought, since I write for my pleasure not yours, but it does appear that this blog is written for an older, more educated

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