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Title Issues in Foreclosuregate

Posted By 7DS December 30, 2010, Filed under: Real Estate@ 2:46 PM

Were I not driving across this great big nation of ours, I would have been far more productive on blogging about foreclosuregate. As it is, I'm fairly limited to writing at various truck stops in a larger work that hopes to lay out all of the issues and what the real estate industry can and

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About Those Radio Ads…

Posted By Rob Hahn December 30, 2010, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 2:11 AM

This is a brief post from the road. One benefit (?) of driving all day long is that you get to hear all the radio ads you've been missing as a denizen of cyberspace. Well, one radio commercial I've heard over and over and over and over again through six states is that one that begins "MORTGAGES

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VIPs and Social Networks

Posted By Rob Hahn December 29, 2010, Filed under: Marketing@ 1:26 AM

So I login to Facebook today just to check out what's going on, while waiting for the various workers I've hired to dig my car (with attached U-Haul trailer) out from under 3' of snow. And I see that Facebook is recommending a friend to me: Dottie Herman, the CEO of Prudential Douglas

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Changes to Notorious R.O.B.

Posted By Rob Hahn December 23, 2010, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 6:43 PM First of all, Merry Christmas, everybody. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. -

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Seven Predictions for 2011, With Music Videos!

Posted By Rob Hahn December 22, 2010, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Media, Politics & Regulation, Real Estate, Technology@ 8:04 PM

Coming off of an awesome, Hall-of-Fame type of year in which I batted .600 in predictions (or, alternatively, a year in which I only got 6 out of 10 predictions even remotely close to right, and hence am a big #FAIL), I thought I would don the Nostradamus hat once again and make foolish

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Reviewing My 2009 Predictions

Posted By Rob Hahn December 21, 2010, Filed under: Real Estate@ 2:21 PM

It's that time of the year when thoughts turn to chestnuts roasting on an open fire, sleighing through the snow laughing all the way, and making predictions about the future that are likely to be completely wrong. I'm working on that. But in advance of it, I thought I'd take a look at my track

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Can You Say… Oh $#!^ For REO and Foreclosures?

Posted By Rob Hahn December 20, 2010, Filed under: Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 3:19 AM

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that if you have a REO or short sale practice, you want to pay attention to some legal cases going on around the country: Trouble is, MERS might lack legal standing to bring a foreclosure action. At least, that’s what the attorneys for the homeowners who are

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Interbroker Compensation and Compliance

Posted By Rob Hahn December 16, 2010, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 1:39 PM

As is somewhat normal, Brian Larson has a thought-provoking post on the future of the MLS up on MLS Tesseract. I gather it's just one part of a series that he wrote a while back on Inman. In this particular post, Brian argues that interbroker compensation (aka, "Offer of Cooperation and

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Personal Note: Remember the Alamo!

Posted By Rob Hahn December 10, 2010, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 12:29 PM

Just wanted to let my readers know that as of sometime in January of 2011, I will be yet another Yankee who has fled to Texas. My wife has just accepted a job at a company based in Houston, and since I can do what I do from just about anywhere, we said... what the hell. Everyone else seems to be

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The Opening Salvo of the Housing War: Mortgage Interest Deduction

Posted By Rob Hahn December 1, 2010, Filed under: Politics & Regulation, Real Estate@ 10:39 PM

NAR has finally gone to the mattresses over Federal policy. Some time ago, I wrote that the mortgage interest deduction may be phased out or limited as part of Obama Administration's new "sustainable housing" policy. At the time, I've heard quite a few people say, "It'll never happen". The

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