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Enough With the Talking

Posted By Rob Hahn October 26, 2010, Filed under: Real Estate@ 8:00 PM Thanks to my friend Jack Miller, I read this post by Drew Burks of Web Real Estate Marketing in which he laments the lack of leadership in the MLS and Realtor Associations: You see the associations are focused on the wrong things!  The

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SEO, the Real Estate Blog, and Competition

Posted By Rob Hahn October 21, 2010, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 2:34 PM

At REBlogWorld 2010, I moderated a panel discussion on whether the real estate blog was dead or not.  My friend Garron Selliken, a technologist and broker in Portland, wrote up a post that stemmed from a long discussion he and I had with several others in Las Vegas, in which he argues that the

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