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Rent/Buy Worksheet from Inman Column

Posted By Rob Hahn February 24, 2010, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Real Estate@ 10:10 AM

I got a couple of requests via email/DM for this so... This is the rent-buy worksheet I used while writing my latest Inman column (subscription required).  I took it from Khan Academy and then modified it.  Feel free to point out errors, etc. right in the comments, and I'll modify what I can.

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Missing the Forest for the Trees: the RPR License

Posted By Rob Hahn February 22, 2010, Filed under: Real Estate, Technology@ 9:38 PM

Once again, I find myself in the curious position of praising the good folks at RPR while at the same time ending up on a negative note.  On the one hand, RPR's posting their Content License Agreement (complete with redlined corrections) is by far the most transparent thing that I've seen a

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Random Thoughts on Dual Agency

Posted By Rob Hahn February 18, 2010, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 2:17 AM

Once in a while, realestistas get around to discussing tame, non-controversial topics.  And as any regular reader of this blog knows, I am simply allergic to controversy and disagreement.  I am glad, therefore, that people are talking over at Agent Genius about the entirely boring and

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Quick Update: Maybe We’ll See Clarity on Employer Liability for Social Media

Posted By Rob Hahn February 12, 2010, Filed under: Marketing, Media, Technology@ 2:33 AM

This is a quick note. I found something recently that bears directly on my post on Employer Liability for Employee Social Media, and I'm somewhat hopeful that we'll see more clarity on this topic. Michael Yon is an independent journalist who reports from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the

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Helpful Links If Your Content Has Been Stolen

Posted By Rob Hahn February 7, 2010, Filed under: Miscellaneous, Real Estate, Technology@ 11:56 PM

On Twitter tonight, Sue Adler (@sueadler) says nonchalantly: Shocking to find MY town pgs & photos copied exactly on another's site. Hoping this agent, who I know well, hired someone & wasnt aware. hmm That ain't a "hmm" Sue -- that should be a, "I've been robbed!"  That's outright

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Employer Liability for Employee Social Media

Posted By Rob Hahn February 5, 2010, Filed under: Management, Marketing@ 10:38 PM

Buried within last week's firestorm ignited by a couple of posts over at AgentGenius was an actually important issue that all social media practitioners and companies thinking about social media need to think about. When is a company or an organization responsible for the social media actions of

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