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[Research] Brokerage Performance 2008/2009 – Speculative Analysis

Posted By Rob Hahn May 14, 2009, Filed under: Real Estate@ 3:43 PM

The annual Brokerage Performance Report put together by REALTrends is one of the most useful and important studies for the real estate brokerage industry.  Unfortunately, the last report was released in 2007, and nothing has been released since then. The trouble with the 2007 Report, as valuable

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A Contrarian View on the MIBOR Anti-Indexing Issue

Posted By Rob Hahn May 12, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 10:10 PM

If you're on the, then you know that the hottest topic within the community right now is the issue of NAR's ruling that search engines are no different from scrapers.  Even my post on this blog talking about social media process using just the NAR handling of the issue as an example got

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Introducing… 7DS Associates

Posted By Rob Hahn May 11, 2009, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 5:16 PM

Since my announcement last Thursday, I have received an enormous outpouring of support, concern, and above all, questions. "Where are you headed?" and "What's next for you?" are common questions. Truth is, I have no idea.  The-event-that-shall-not-be-discussed was only last Tuesday, and suffice

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Is Social Media… Media?

Posted By Rob Hahn May 11, 2009, Filed under: Marketing@ 2:49 AM

Last night, I got into an interesting debate over Twitter with Ari Herzog among others over the topic of whether social media is MEDIA.  Because Twitter isn't really the appropriate forum for laying out one's arguments, I thought to transfer it here in hopes of advancing it some.  Or at least

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Message Control and Social Media

Posted By Rob Hahn May 10, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 7:19 PM

Back when Todd Carpenter was applying for the position of Social Media Manager at the National Association of REALTORS, I endorsed him with reservations. Those reservations had nothing to do with Todd, as he was (and is) perhaps the most qualified person to head up social media strategy for

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Channels and Social Media ROI Question

Posted By Rob Hahn May 8, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 9:30 PM

Benn Rosales (@agentgenius) is one of the smartest guys working in real estate and social media today, and as the proprietor (?? - maybe czar? emperor?) of AgentGenius, one of the best real-estate industry sites out there, he brings a great deal of credibility to everything he says. A few months

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A Brief Personal Announcement

Posted By Rob Hahn May 7, 2009, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 1:29 PM

As of Tuesday, Onboard Informatics and I have parted ways, and I am no longer with them. So for those of you who only have my Onboard contact information, or my old cell number, I wanted to provide the new contact information going forward. Email: rob -=at=- notorious-rob -=dot=- com Phone:

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Jumping into Shark Infested Waters: REonomy

Posted By Rob Hahn May 5, 2009, Filed under: Real Estate, Technology@ 3:06 PM

Normally, I greet the news of yet another real estate search website launching with a giant yawn of utter disinterest.  Seriously, this space is starting to get pretty crowded.  Just among the major players, you've got, Trulia, Zillow, HomeGain,  Throw in Roost,

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What Makes a Realtor Good: An Answer

Posted By Rob Hahn May 3, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 3:11 PM

Few months ago, I asked "What Makes an Agent Good?" and triggered a bit of a conversation.  I was after an objective standard of quality by which a particular real estate agent can be measured, but ended up in a discussion (which is still ongoing one way or another) about professionalism,

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Lessons from Counterinsurgency #4: Final Thoughts

Posted By Rob Hahn May 2, 2009, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 12:01 PM

(Part 1, 2, and 3 of the Lessons from Counterinsurgency Series) Final Thoughts from Gen. Petraeus Finally, we always must strive to learn and adapt. The situation in Afghanistan has changed significantly in the past several years and it continues to evolve. This makes it incumbent on us to assess

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