Introducing… RE:RnD – An Online Radio Experiment

Posted By Rob Hahn May 19, 2009, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 2:44 PM

So now that I’m a member of the Unemployed Consultants Union, Local 182, Dustin Luther (@tyr) and I are chitchatting one night about all the fun things we might do.  Lack of corporate respectability does wonders for one’s creativity, y’know.

We come up with a truly wacky concept that as we keep talking about it sounds less and less wacky.  The basic idea is “sports talk radio” for real estate and tech and marketing and all that good stuff.

Thus, RE: RnD is born.  From Dustin’s announcement on 4Realz:

We’ve decided to launch a weekly radio show starting this Thursday morning!

Are you curious what the show is going to be like? So are we!

Here’s what we know:

  • We’re calling it RE: RnD
  • We’ll run it every Thursday morning for one hour starting at 9am PST/12pm EST
  • We’re going to use TalkShoe, so you can get all the information you’ll need to call in and join the chat room here:
  • We’ve set up a Facebook Page at: Become a “fan” to get regular updates on the show
  • We’re still finalizing the guest list for the first show, but we know the topics we’re going to cover:
    • Current news and events (i.e. real estate banter)
    • Ways to promote your biz with FB Pages
    • NAR’s new code of ethics around social media
    • Fun and games (follow @rernd for details on the “games” part)

I have to admit, I’m sorta looking forward to this little experiment of ours. Because it’s going to be pure fun.  At least for real estate marketing geeks like me and Dustin.

So come join us, “tune in”, and basically party with us as we take on all topics, try hard to not bore each other (no guarantees that we won’t bore the audience, however), and bring the time-honored tradition of pointless jabber and speculation that is sports talk radio to real estate. :)



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