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The Real Estate Story Awaits the Next Chapter

Posted By Rob Hahn April 24, 2009, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 8:00 PM

Brian Boero of 1000watt recounts a dinner conversation and throws down some challenging questions and assertions: This particular debate centered on the following question: “Have we reached the end of the real estate story now that FSBOs and discounting have lost their menace?” As Brian puts

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The Green Premium in NYC Rental Market Heads Towards Zero

Posted By Rob Hahn April 22, 2009, Filed under: Real Estate@ 11:59 AM

A really fun discussion on Twitter with Robin Greenbaum (@cobrokenation) led me to just do a very quick, very back-of-napkin, and likely very inaccurate comparison between two rental units.  As Robin pointed out, since comparisons are very difficult, depends on many factors, and the like, no

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Real Estate Marketing in a Post-Middle Era: Property

Posted By Rob Hahn April 20, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 7:45 PM

In part 1, I started to talk about marketing in a consumer environment when the middle is disappearing.  My basic hyopthesis is that the American consumer today operates in one of two modes: Thrift and Aspiration.  Thrift mode means a focus on price above all; Aspiration means a focus on

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Marketing In a Post-Middle Era

Posted By Rob Hahn April 17, 2009, Filed under: Marketing@ 9:41 AM

Thanks to Brandie Young's wonderful post, I found David Amano's thought-provoking post on "Marketing in a Post-Consumer Era".  It's worth reading in full.  Actually, they're both worth reading in full. I couldn't help immediately reacting, however, with skepticism. Perhaps it's because the

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The Price of Artifice

Posted By Rob Hahn April 15, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 10:56 PM

Last night's Lucky Strike Social Media Club (LSSMC) dinner featured a presentation by Phil Thomas DiGiulio (@holaphil) of Wellcomemat on "Video and Social Media".  I thought it was an interesting topic in and of itself, and am grateful to Phil for coming by to have the conversation with

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Interesting Factoids from RISMedia’s 2008 Power Broker Results

Posted By Rob Hahn April 13, 2009, Filed under: Real Estate@ 6:00 PM

One of the most valuable pieces of data in our industry, I think, is the annual Power Broker Report and Survey conducted by RISMedia.  The 2008 edition is no exception, and is available here.  I highly recommend it if you're interested in our industry as a whole. I like to play with the numbers

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Dear World Class Architect: Please Blog

Posted By Rob Hahn April 10, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 6:00 PM

I had a roommate in college who was an architecture major as an undergrad.  He was such an insufferable snob -- for example, in the entire year we lived together, he never watched any movie that wasn't by Fellini -- that my view of architecture and architects may have been unfairly

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Virtual vs. Office: Cost vs. Cost

Posted By Rob Hahn April 9, 2009, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 7:17 PM

Let us talk about land.  About buildings.  The pure physicality of bricks, wood, steel beams, stairways, elevators, walls and roofs.  You know, real estate. Normally, the conversation would be all about homes, condos, and the like -- the stuff of the daily business of realtors and consumers. 

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Thoughts On Green Real Estate (Report from the 2009 YAREA Conference)

Posted By Rob Hahn April 7, 2009, Filed under: Real Estate@ 12:39 AM

So it turns out that in addition to ruling the world from the Skull & Bones tomb, Yalies also get involved in real estate from time to time.  There's even a group called Yale Alumni Real Estate Association (YAREA, pronounced Y-Area) that just held its annual conference.  I was invited,

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My Blog Header Image

Posted By Rob Hahn April 6, 2009, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 1:33 PM

So I restored the original Notorious ROB header image (of Anakin becoming Darth Vader) in tribute to Joe Ferrara of Sellsius (@jfsellsius) who liked that.  Then I heard from others that the header image is full of disturbia and sturm and drang angst.  You know what that means. Time for a

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