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Dealing With Negative Comments That Are True

Posted By Rob Hahn January 28, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 12:26 PM

One of the "risks" of having a company blog or company social media operation of any kind is that someone will come on your blog, your Facebook page, or whatever, and just trash you. Most of the advice on dealing with negativity is to "address it". For example, here's a post from

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On Business Darwinism

Posted By Rob Hahn January 27, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 1:31 PM

First of all, let me give a shout-out to Hey Amaretto, aka, Diane Guercio, whose blog I just read for the first time.  She's got an amazing voice for the web: personable, yet relevant, with useful information mixed in with humor and an overall fun voice.  Really, check her out for one

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From Cowboys to Consultants

Posted By Rob Hahn January 26, 2009, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 3:44 PM

Something to consider from the world of commercial real estate, Brokerages Retool Rainmakers: With office leasing and investment sales volume reaching new lows across the country, big brokerages are retraining idled dealmakers to become service providers rather than cowboys intent on roping the

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Lessons from Barbershops

Posted By Rob Hahn January 22, 2009, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 12:54 PM

Marc Davison's newest post is, as is normal for him, a wonderful read filled with cool and interesting insights.  Go read it in full. The key passage, I think, is this: But over the decades, the love waned. As new competitors grew into the marketplace, these establishments remained still in

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Best American Band of the Last 20 Years

Posted By Rob Hahn January 22, 2009, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 10:43 AM

As some of you know, I've been getting more and more into Blip ( -- a really cool social-media music community play.  I'm NotoriousROB on Blip, in case you're interested. :) And walking to the office this morning, I thought, wouldn't it be fun to do a poll/contest type of thing on the

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Seth Godin Has An Idea for You

Posted By Rob Hahn January 21, 2009, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 5:55 PM

He thinks real estate brokers should start local newspapers: What should not-so-busy real estate brokers do? Why not start a local newspaper? Here's how I would do it. Assume you've got six people in your office. Each person is responsible to do two things each day: Interview a local business,

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Free Loot from Onboard

Posted By Rob Hahn January 20, 2009, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 3:28 PM

So my employer, who graciously allows me to spout off my personal views on this blog, is offering free loot to blogger types everywhere.  I figured some of you could use $500, and since I can't win it.... So… announcing the Lifestyle Search Essay Contest.  The topic: Imagine the real estate

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Interesting Tidbit…

Posted By Rob Hahn January 20, 2009, Filed under: Management, Marketing@ 9:27 AM

I recently discovered Brandie Young, a fellow marketer, via her first blogpost on Agent Genius.  That post is interesting in and of itself.  And I've added her blog to the blogroll here. But this comment from a Barry Cunningham on that post is really interesting to the whole Robnecks v.

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Rob & Joe Debate Stuff Today at 4:15PM EST

Posted By Rob Hahn January 19, 2009, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 2:47 PM

So Joe Ferrara and I are going to do a fun little event: a live debate on some topic or another.  We've been talking about doing this for a while now, and with Inman behind us, I have time finally to try it out. So, the time and place and topic: TalkShoe (Link:

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On Institutional Advantage, or Renouncing Aybaf

Posted By Rob Hahn January 18, 2009, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 5:16 PM

As some of the commenters on my original thread have already surmised, Aybaf is not a real company.  It is a thought experiment that came about as the result of my hours-long conversation with an executive at one of the top web real estate companies.  My first thought was to call this new

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