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Merry Christmas, Realestistas!

Posted By Rob Hahn December 23, 2008, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 11:11 AM

Christmas Eve being tomorrow, and with me being out over the Holidays next several days originally intended to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world in the Christian faith upon which Western Civilization has been built, blogging will be light to nonexistent. And yes, I

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Free Advice to Brokers: Three Things To Do in 2009

Posted By Rob Hahn December 18, 2008, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 2:45 PM

I've been engaged in much discussion of late on the future of real estate, and we're having a debate right now between those who believe that the future is made up of numerous independent agents (or small agent teams) operating in low-cost, low-service brokerage models and those who believe that

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The Challenge: From 3% to 10%

Posted By Rob Hahn December 17, 2008, Filed under: Management, Real Estate@ 3:54 PM

In the comments of this post, I wrote that THE challenge facing real estate is how brokers move from 3% profit margins to 10% profit margins.  And I just got off a fantastic teleconference featuring the likes of Kris Berg, Marty Frame, Pam O'Connor, and other experts talking about the

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Realtors vs. Lawyers: Social Media

Posted By Rob Hahn December 16, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 1:56 PM

While I managed to escape the fate of practicing law (except for a summer experience, which is to actual legal practice as Barbados is to Mogadishu), I still have a great deal of affection for, and interest in, the business of law practice. In fact, I wrote an entire series musing on whether real

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The 900-lb Gorilla Cometh

Posted By Rob Hahn December 12, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 1:38 PM

There are really very few voices in the I respect more than Russell Shaw's. I mean, this is a guy who not only talks the talk, he actually walks the walk. His insights and ideas are great in and of themselves, but they are that much more credible in my eyes because he's a tremendously

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Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

Posted By Rob Hahn December 11, 2008, Filed under: Real Estate@ 10:00 AM

So it appears that commercial real estate isn't going to escape the imploding economy after all. (H/T: Peter Pays Paul) This is probably not the best time for NAR to be talking up commercial real estate. But that's another story, for another time. This is the time to look on the bright side of

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The Swarming Doctrine and Real Estate

Posted By Rob Hahn December 10, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 9:57 AM

I was recently asked by Inman to provide some opinions on a variety of topics, and one of my responses is as follows: 5. What technology trends will change the industry in the future? Enterprise CRM, married to truly effective, and measurable interactive marketing technology. In the alternative,

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Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Real Estate Marketing

Posted By Rob Hahn December 8, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 6:58 PM

I'm reasonably sure that none of you currently reading this has ever thought that those three terms belong together. But they do! Recently, I got into a discussion with the inimitable Teri Lussier about Fred Astaire vs. Gene Kelly. Well... to be fair, it wasn't much of a discussion. More of

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Actions, Not Words (Sex & The Sellsius Edition)

Posted By Rob Hahn December 5, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 2:49 PM

According to Joe Ferrara of Sellsius, charity makes you hot: In three studies involving more than 1,000 people, Dr. Tim Phillips and his research team from the University of Nottingham found that women place significantly greater importance on altruistic traits than anything else (in all three

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The Gods of the MLS Headings

Posted By Rob Hahn December 5, 2008, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 1:09 PM

Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more. - Rudyard

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