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Honestly, One of the Dumbest Posts I Have Ever Read

Posted By Rob Hahn July 31, 2008, Filed under: Marketing@ 10:13 AM

Sometimes, you read something written by otherwise intelligent-seeming people that makes you wonder what the hell happened to rationality.  This is one of those somethings: It is not just that the big three ignored the future. From where I stand, they also seem to have attempted to hold the US

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Imagining the Future of Real Estate, Part 1: The Firm As Model

Posted By Rob Hahn July 30, 2008, Filed under: Management, Marketing, Real Estate@ 8:42 PM

It must be zeitgeist, a change in the real estate weltanschauung. I wrote a long post back in March of 2008 having a conversation with Mike Farmer on his original Biz 2.0 post on the Bloodhound Blog. He then responded with some additional thoughts. I had a 1500 word draft that wasn't even

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What Business Are Realtors Really In?

Posted By Rob Hahn July 29, 2008, Filed under: Real Estate@ 12:35 PM

An exchange with Mike Farmer in the comments section of this post over on Homegain triggered some thinking on my part.  The Reader's Digest version of what went on before: Louis thought there was too much hype about marketing, and not enough attention on the craft of being a realtor. I

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A Short Primer on Branding

Posted By Rob Hahn July 28, 2008, Filed under: Marketing@ 9:45 PM

As promised, here is my official short primer on branding.

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Brand Prognostication: Fisking An Expert

Posted By Rob Hahn July 28, 2008, Filed under: Marketing@ 9:41 PM

There are times when the profession of marketing becomes a little bit like a romance -- well, at least if you're El Burlador de Sevilla.  You try to divine what is going on in the customer's head, what makes her tick, what you can say or do or highlight or whatever to get her attention, then

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HomeGain, ActiveRain, Trulia – The Tale of the Tape

Posted By Rob Hahn July 27, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 9:55 PM

In my little prognostication about the upcoming Trulia Blog Platform vs. ActiveRain, I neglected to include HomeGain in the mix. Louis Cammarosano of HomeGain pointed out over on the followup OnBlog thread that HomeGain had launched an Agent Blogging Network earlier this year, and that they were

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Sign of the Times

Posted By Rob Hahn July 27, 2008, Filed under: Real Estate@ 6:52 PM

Pretty much a perfect summary of the current market.  (H/T:

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Followup to Trulia to ActiveRain Post is Up

Posted By Rob Hahn July 26, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate@ 8:50 PM

I've decided to post the followup to the Trulia Blogs & Active Rain post over at OnBlog.  The main reason was that what I ended up writing was exactly the kind of marketing advice I would offer to our clients.  The other reason is that I'm too tired to copy and paste it into this here blog.

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Defining the Customer

Posted By Rob Hahn July 26, 2008, Filed under: Marketing@ 12:35 AM

This is from a conversation I had at Inman SF '2008. Perhaps conversation is too dignified a term for what was actually going on at the time, since all of the participants were three sheets into the wind by that point in the night. Let's call it more like... inspired spouting of words between

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New Design, New Theme

Posted By Rob Hahn July 25, 2008, Filed under: Miscellaneous@ 11:34 PM

In case you have visited Notorious R.O.B. before, you will surely notice that I have changed my blog theme. I was using the Blix theme before (y'know, with the glowing eyes and all) which was a great theme. But in putting the Onboard Informatics blog together, I came across a Wordpress theme

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