What A Real Estate Website Should Be

Posted By Rob Hahn March 6, 2008, Filed under: Marketing, Real Estate, Technology@ 5:45 PM

I could, theoretically, go on for a few thousand words on this topic.  What should a real estate website look like?  What should it provide visitors?  What design, what usability, what philosophy should it embrace?

I could do that, yes.

Or I could just tell you to go see this.

Seriously, Redfin is doing some incredibly great work.  Trulia and Zillow get the lion’s share of the attention in our industry, but I take my hat off to Redfin.  And folks commanding far more respect seem to agree.

I urge my friends at Realogy to buy Redfin now, before the price goes up any further.  They understand how a real estate website should be done.  The Big Guy that buys up the talent at Redfin will have made an extremely worthwhile investment — assuming you can hold on to all that talent.



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